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Dear colleague,

You are invited to participate in an online survey titled:

“The use of interjurisdictional collaborative trials as a tool for forensic odontology”

This is a short survey that is designed to gather your opinions  and will take no more than 10 minutes of your time. Complete information can be found on the Participant Information Sheet. Link to  participant information

Your involvement is purely voluntary and is completely anonymous.

This research aims to assess  opinions on the use of collaborative trials for skills using in the human identification process. The outcomes will direct future research. We would like to hear your opinion. If you would like to participate, please access the research project by following this link:


Submission of your responses will be taken as a sign of your consent to participate.This project is being conducted by researchers from the University of Adelaide (Dr Denice Higgins) and Griffiths University (Dr Alex Forrest).


Ms. Anna Davey

Or. Denice Higgins

Assoc Prof Alex Forrest