The Australian Society of Forensic Odontology 

Forensic Odontology is the application of dental science to the law and encompasses areas such as human identification, investigation of orofacial trauma and bitemarks, and opinion on dental issues. It involves the recognition, documentation, interpretation and presentation of evidence.

The Australian Society of Forensic Odontology, Inc. was established in 1983, as the Australian Society of Forensic Dentistry. Its objectives are to:

  • advance the study of forensic odontology and its application to the law;
  • advance the science of forensic odontology and promote practice standards;
  • promote high quality and timely forensic odontology services to assist the Australian Coronial and Justice systems;
  • maintain a roster of forensic odontologists who are available to deploy to mass disasters as required by relevant authorities;
  • act as a conduit for forensic odontology deployments in mass disasters;

AuSFO  is a society open to any dental professional of good standing with an interest in forensic odontology. It has no legislative or administrative function, but aims to represent forensic odontologists in their interactions with stakeholders. In this context it is the overarching body facilitating the involvement of member forensic odontologists in DVI, both nationally and internationally.

Patron of the Society is Dr Kenneth Brown AM

An information flyer is available by clicking: AuSFO_flyer_(2)

History of Forensic Odontology in Australia

History of Forensic Odontology  to read about the history of forensic odontology in Australia. This is a very thoroughly researched, interesting and informative account of the development of forensic odontology in our country and in the different individual states and territories written by Dr Anthony W Lake.