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Dear Colleagues,

We hope that you have been well through these challenging times. As we progress towards resuming some form of normalcy in our professional and personal lives, we hope you could spare the time to continue assisting our forensic odontology research. For those who have already helped with this age estimation rating project, we like to thank you.

A little bit more about this project.

This project is aimed at assessing consistency in assigning Demirjian stages among practising forensic odontologists. A detailed description of this project and the link to the survey is in the attachment.  The project is online; it involves assigning Demirjian stages for 10 panoramic radiographs; and would take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.

The project can be accessed through this link: Age estimation rating

Details about the project can be found in the information statement 

Many thanks

Yours sincerely,


Dr Russell Lain

Research team

Dr Russell Lain. OAM, BDS, Grad Dip For Odont, FFOMP(RCPA)

Dr Mark Page.  BDSc(Hons), GradDipClinDent, GCEd, MHA, PhD

Dr Sher-lin Chiam. BDS, ADC cert, GDipForOdont,  FRACDS  

Professor Jane Taylor. OAM, BDS, BScDent(Hons), MScDent, Grad Cert PTT PhD, FICD


If you would like further information on this research project please contact Dr Russell Lain Russell.Lain@sydney.edu.au