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AuSFO members are amongst the most experienced forensic odontologists in this region and the Society is committed to sharing this experience as widely as possible.

Postgraduate Qualification Programs

Postgraduate programs are available at the following universities:

  • Adelaide – University of Adelaide
  • Melbourne – Monash University
  • Perth – The Univeristy of Western Australia
  • Sydney – University of Sydney

AuSFO Short Courses

  • AuSFO Regional Training Courses
    • Forensic Odontology
    • Forensic Odontology and Disaster Vicitim Identification

Odontology Short Courses

  • Melbourne Four Day DVI course
  • Sydney Forensic Dentistry and Anthropology¬† Four day course

Specialist Registration

Currently the only pathway to specialist registration as a forensic odontologist is through The Royal College of Pathologists of Australia.