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Information for new members, and a reminder for old lags, about DVI:

Who is deployed?

Australia: each state/territory has an odontology coordinator and team to respond to a local disaster. State resources and the magnitude of the event will dictate if interstate help is required, and the given coordinator will invite whom they choose to assist.

Overseas:  the Australian Federal Police (AFP) may become involved in events where Australian citizens have died, or the affected country invites them to assist. AuSFO maintains a roster for first-responders in case a request comes from the AFP. This is on bi-monthly rotation, and can be found on the DVI page of the website. The “on-call” state arranges for someone to deploy.

Why does it seem like it is always the same old people deployed?

A lot of experience is needed – it is a pressure-cooker environment, often with little peer support.

Is it a dog chasing its tail – how do I get experience?

Talk to your regional coordinator about casework, workshops and training. If and when you are sent will depend on the need for personnel plus your expertise and availability.

Things to consider:

  1. Up to date passport
  2. Up to date vaccinations
  3. Check that your indemnity insurer is happy to cover you
  4. Check that any income protection insurance would be valid
  5. Have copies of Dental Registration, Radiation Licence, Passport and Vaccination Schedule handy

I have been unable to clarify the insurance issue, but below was the situation in 2010:

“AFP are working towards written terms of deployment. However, in the mean time members should be aware of Insurance issue: “If you or your employer anticipate payment for your services, the expectation is that you or your employer will provide insurance, including professional indemnity cover for services conducted internationally and personal travel insurance”.


Click to download: AuSFO_DVI_Roster.pdf


On the 8th – 10th May 2013,  Sherlin Chiam attended the expert working group meeting held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Please find the report for the meeting by clicking on the link.

Click here :Expert working group for Asia Pacific DVI (Dental) report. 


Click to download: dvi – v3 issues list.pdf

The attached document is an updated list of issues and solutions that have been asked and responded to by Plassdata.  The information, as with the previous one, has been forwarded to you all just in case you may be having the same or similar issues.

If you are no longer involved with in DVI or with DVI System International within your jurisdiction, please reply to me indicating the same and I will remove you from the list.  It would also be appreciated if you could forward this notice to the person/s who have replaced you or have taken up the responsibility.

Again, if you are experiencing issues with DVI System International and you contact Plassdata directly, it would be appreciated if you could CC myself and Natalie into the email/response so that we can continue to share these issues and the suggested solution with other jurisdictions (if applicable/appropriate).

Again I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.


Senior Sergeant Scott McLaren | Quality Management Officer | DNA Management Section