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Recordregister V4.05


A Staff, Case and Reporting Management Program for unit groups within the DVI environment

Disasters are unpredictable and infrequent however it is essential to be prepared with a management plan at all levels to avoid reinventing the wheel and providing good quality control. RecordsRegister is a management program for any sectional group involving staff, case management flow and reporting. It enables pre-disaster establishment of tested checklists, a reference library storing documents within the database and operational procedures in staff and case management within the section . The default configuration is directed towards odontology but this can be altered to other section’s requirements.

As the program is freely available to end uses, no liability will be accepted by the author in its use and it is strongly recommended that the end user configure and test it in advance of a DVI to make sure it conforms with the protocols and provides anticipated results.


RecordsRegister and DVISys or WinID partner well with the latter two providing case data input, search and comparison capabilities and RecordsRegister staff, semiautomatic case flow and reporting management.

RecordsRegister requires only a computer using any version of Windows, a USB memory stick for backups and an optional barcode reader if this capability is used. The program zip file and instructions can be downloaded from https://db.tt/30hDLJKe