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  • Thesis Title: Preliminary Statistical Data in Dental Identification: A Research Report
  • Author: Ashith B Acharya
  • Submitted as a requirement for: Graduate Diploma in Forensic Odontology
  • Date: October 2001

Abstract: Forensic Odontology is of prime importance to identification of human remains. It has a strong scientific basis and is considered on par with fingerprinting. While numerous studies, using permutations and combinations, have conclusively proven the uniqueness of the human dentition, Forensic Odontologists worldwide are deeply divided on the need for a minimum number of concordant points to confirm dental identification. This research project has reviewed cases from the Forensic Odontology Unit archives, Adelaide University to determine the need for a minimum number of concordant points to positively identify dental remains.

The study has found that positive identification was established using a wide range of number of concordant points. Although the incidence of positive identification is more with a higher number of concordant points, there have been many cases where a high number of concordant points failed to achieve a positive identification. Identities have also been confirmed using the bare minimum possible. There is no inference as to the need for a minimum number of concordant points, rather, each case has its own individuality and the Forensic Odontologist should treat it as such.