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Dear member,

As Helen has advised, we have a new committee. As the incoming President I would firstly like to thank the outgoing committee for all their hard work, much of it unnoticed by the membership. I would especially like to thank Helen for her stewardship of AusFO over the last 2 years. During this time the Society has consolidated its policies and dealt with some long standing unresolved issues. Much of it housekeeping but very necessary. This had led to an improvement in our credibility in the eyes of our peers both locally and internationally. Our standing in the professions of Dentistry and Forensics has also been consolidated.

Looking to the future we face many challenges, not the least our credibility and role in responding to disasters. The recent experiences in relation to MH17 have glaringly exposed the ongoing problems in our role in disasters where the primary identifier has again been mismanaged not by the experts in the field but by others who believe that they have the role of managing how we perform our important and significant role. This is not the first time but attitudes and practices must change before serious mistakes are made. Rest assured we will be and have been blamed for any short comings, especially by those who choose to impose restrictions and dictate how we perform our activities.

On a more positive note your Society is working towards our 2nd symposium in Darwin in 2015, and I strongly urge you to plan to participate at this important meeting.

Lastly please feel free to offer comments, suggestions and criticisms to your committee. I look forward to a rewarding 2 years leading a united and progressive group.

Alain Middleton