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2016 IALM Intersocietal Symposium

Venice – Italy

21-24 June 2016

With the main theme “Medicine and Justice. Innovation-Unitariness-Evidence”, the symposium will be articulated in sessions on any field of legal medicine and forensics, among which forensic pathology and anthropology, legal and forensic medicine, damage evaluation, malpractice, personal identification and forensic odontology.
IOFOS officially participates to the event as one of the scientific partners and organizing one-day conference dedicated to Forensic Odontology and a Workshop on “Expert Witness and Writing a Report in Forensic Odontology – Body Identification and Age Estimation”.
The IOFOS Board invites all forensic odontologists to attend the symposium and submit abstracts within the deadline of December 31st.

Download the call for abstract

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