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  • Thesis Title: Distortion in Craniofacial Video Superimposition
  • Author: Jane Taylor
  • Submitted as a requirement for: Master of Science in Dentistry
  • Date: April 1991

Abstract: The reliability of craniofacial superimposition as a method of forensic identification has been questioned since it was first used as a medico-legal requirement technique in 1935. One of the most significant changes to the original technique of photographic superimposition has been the introduction of the use of video imaging equipment. This has increased the scope of the comparisons possible and considerably reduced the time necessary to achieve a correct alignment of the two images. The introduction of this new technology, however has brought further doubts to the minds of some investigators.

This project involved a critical appraisal of the techniques of superimposition detailed in the literature, an analysis of a system currently used to carry out craniofacial video superimposition and the design and construction of an improved automated system. Criteria are proposed which, if followed, will improve the reliability of craniofacial video superimposition as a method of forensic identification.